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Fun with Flip-Flops

Flip-flops were once looked upon as horrible fashion, however today they are among the most popular shoe options around. Not only are women and men wearing them to the pool or the beach, they are also wearing them to school, when shopping, and even out on dates. Flip-flops have taken on a whole new style definition. They are the epitome of cool when it comes to footwear. They are casual on a trendy level. Teens and young adults love to mix their style up with fun flip-flops, but you will see people of all ages partaking in this trendy stylish shoe. While there are hundreds of reasons to love your flip-flops, here are three reasons that fall near the top of the list.

Thrifty Price

Probably the greatest thing about flip-flops is that they are very inexpensive. You can find them at your local general merchandise store for less than two dollars. You can also find them at your local dollar store as well. The least expensive varieties are typically made from plastic and some type of foam material. The trendier styles are still inexpensive, but you may pay as much as $12 to $15 a pair for them. When you can get these fun shoes at such low prices, you can afford to wear them anywhere and everywhere. There is no need to save them for special occasions. You can simply throw them out when they get a little rough around the edges and buy more. You can have a pair of flip-flops to match every outfit you own.

Comfort First

The thing that draws people to these fun shoes are that they are incredibly comfortable. Most flip-flops are simply a flat piece of material that protects your foot from the ground. There is nothing stiff or fancy about them. Therefore, they often make it seem as if you are wearing nothing at all. They allow your feet and toes to breathe, with there being very little coverage from this type of shoe. This offers a natural feeling for those who wear them. Once you become a flip-flop fan you will want to wear them everywhere you go. There will be few warm days that you don’t don your trusty flips. If you have poor arches however, you may find that traditional flip-flops can create problems for you. Instead, try the wedged versions for a little more arch support.

Smooth Style

Flip-flops are no longer plain and boring. While you can still find many traditional and conservative styles in this shoe type, there are many more exciting versions being offered. Some flips are being adorned with accessories such as flowers, shells, beads, or faux jewels. These are very trendy and are most popular with young women. Men tend to be drawn to the flip-flops that are made from suede or leather. They offer a very masculine feel to this shoe type. Manufacturers are creating flips that have wedged heels and even flip-flops that have stiletto heels. Anything you can imagine is happening in the world of flip-flops. These interesting style changes are encouraging people to wear flip-flops to clubs or even on dates. Where they once were only acceptable on the beach or by the pool, today these incredible new styles are allowing everyone to wear them anywhere they wish.


Flip-flops are showing up everywhere. They once were only sold in beach stores or general merchandise stores. You can still find them in these locations today. You can also find these fun shoes in department stores and famous designers are creating their own versions as well. When it is warm outside you can expect to see everyone from the little kid down the street to your own grandmother wearing his or her flip-flops. They are timeless shoes that can take you from the pool to the club without needing a second thought. So, be sure to pick yourself multiple pairs before the warm weather hits. You will be shocked at how fast these shoes will sell out and you don’t want to be stuck with the most boring pair of the year. While you are at it, go ahead and pick some up for your whole family and let them thank you later.

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